The Municipal Operations Center coordinates every call from residents of the Isfiya city and visitors, concerning hazards and malfunctions all over the city. The  Center passes the information to the relevant units of the municipality and follows up and supervises implementation of the work
The Municipal Operations Center is manned 12 hours a day, every day of the year. The Municipal Operations Center has the authority to operate relevant municipal facilities all hours of the day.
The Municipal Operations Center operates a special fax for the hard of hearing, who wish to inform about hazards, the number of fax of this service is 04/8391455. The Municipal Operations Center receives feedback from the residents by means of initiated phone calls about hazards that were reported and dealt with by the units.
Contact numbers for the Municipal Operations Center:
In the city - 04/8391678   &    From outside the city - 0972-4-8391678
Fax - 04/8391455
Your information is helpful for us to repair the faults
and to live in a city with an improved quality of life